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Office for Sale Data Center - We have information of Home Office, Office Space and Office Building in various locations around Bangkok. If you are looking to buy office space or any properties please let us know our service are free of charge.


Pro of Buying Office Space

1. Fixed Costs: Mortgage long-term can give your business clear, fixed costs.
2. Additional Income: You can rent out the space.
3. Retirement Savings: Allows the owner to sell out and fund their retirement.


Con of Buying Office Space

1. Lack of Flexibility: May be experience unexpected needs in the future.
2. Maintenance Cost: You have to carry all Maintenance Cost by yourself.


Interested to buy Office Space in Bangkok

You can see detail of Office for Sale in each locations from menu bar and if you need any assistance or want more information please contact Jirayus 081-6824898 or email jirayus.b@gmail.com


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