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CyberWorld Tower

"CyberWorld Tower"

Office Space for Rent - CyberWorld Tower

Property Name CyberWorld Tower
Rent Period 3 Years
Location Ratchadapisek Rd.
Building 52 and 47 Storey
Year 2008
Net Area 38,306 Sq.m., 23,509 sqm
Rent 620 - 640  B./Sq.m.
Air System Chiller System
Office Hour 7.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Electricity 5.00   B./Unit
Water 20.00  B./Unit
Parking 1,800 B./Month
Tel. Installation 8,560 - 13,000 B./Line
Contact Jirayus 081-6824898
Company JB Officiency Co.,Ltd

For more information about rent Office
Contact: Jirayus
Mobile: 081 6824898


Map CyberWorld Tower

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